Monday, October 11, 2010


Bill Longworth's “Good Government” plan will be built on a solid foundation of 10 pillars of “honesty, transparency, and accountability

1. Public question periods will be scheduled at every city council meeting

2. Public approval will be required for all major city projects with projected average taxpayer costs provided at that time

3 All Political salary and benefits increases will require public approval

4. All councillor votes will be computer recorded and votes on significant matters will be summarized for voters at election time.  Voting records of all council members will be available and searchable 24/7 on the city web site.

5. All costs for major city programs and projects to be detailed on individual publicly accessible ledger sheets
6. Political expense records to be supported by detailed, itemized, and dated receipts and published for voters at election time

7. Tax bills detailed to indicate each taxpayer’s "real costs" for every major city project based on their property assessment---you'll know exactly how much you're paying for projects like the city hall demolition, rebuilding, and renewal...and how much you're paying annually to support capita costs, debt servicing costs, and operating losses for the GM Centre.
8. Online Voting Systems will be set up to facilitate citizen input on important matters without cost and for use in municipal elections in additional to regular voting systems to improve voting rates.
9. We'll set up a midterm ward/general vote information program to fully inform voters of the two alternatives to get an informed voter opinion by the online voting system with the promise to ensure the election system informed citizen's want for the next election.  Council followed a "secrecy" strategy at the last election to insure voter's were not informed and worded the question in a convoluted way to get the result they wanted.  City Council's action was an abrogation of democracy!
10. We'll mount videos of all city council and commitee meetings on the city website so that they can be streamed to citizen's computers for viewing at their convenience.  These videos will also be archived along with the council minutes to preserve video records of past meetings.  The website "search" function will also apply to finding appropriate video clips of items of interest. 


It’s your tax money---You need control on how it is spent!

With council spending so much time discussing and debating their own entitlements, it often seems that they have Shanghaied the system for their own benefit!

Council must be comprised of politicians who are there for the public good they can sow, not the personal rewards they can reap!